The Wall

Berlin’s most famous attraction is without a doubt The Berlin Wall.  It’s been written about a million and one times and I spent some time reading about it before going.  I had pretty high expectations for The Wall and I have to say that even though it’s impressive, I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be.  After seeing so many photos and waiting so long to see it, I expected more.  Anti-climatic is the word that best comes to mind.

The East Side Gallery is what most people consider to be the The Wall and is in fact the most famous piece that is still in tact and best conserved.


What I wasn’t prepared for (and what you can see here really well) is how much extra graffiti there was.  I thought it was going to be better maintained and with possibly even someone guarding it.  But it is basically just an open art exhibit that anyone can visit at anytime and leave their mark on.


The biggest reoccurring theme we saw throughout the works of art was freedom and the breaking down of barriers.


Probably the most famous painting:


And some other ones I thought were cool and interesting:








One of the things that actually impressed me was this door in the wall.  For me this door took the wall from being a “live” piece of art with a lot of graffiti to something more meaningful.  It reminded me that this was actually a barrier at some point and much more than just a slab of concrete with pretty paintings.  It separated people from each other.  This one gate evoked an emotion in me that the rest of this piece of the wall wasn’t able to.  It made it more alive.


And then we went back to pretty paintings and being tourists.


Have you been to The Berlin Wall?  What emotion or reaction did you have to it?  Were you surprised by all the unwarranted graffiti too?


One thought on “The Wall

  1. I really liked the East Side Gallery, it’s such a great way to reclaim the space but also to remember it. The second-to-last photo you have was the spot that moved me the most. I just couldn’t believe how close the sides were, but obviously very far away at the same time.

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