My Basque Dream Life

First, I have to apologize for the tardiness of this post.  I have had it half written for almost 3 weeks now.  But cold, rainy weather had only made me want to drink hot tea, cuddle with my hubby on the couch and make/eat this delicious cake:

I admit that my life here in Spain is pretty great.  Living in a foreign country, traveling around Europe (and sometimes Africa!), being my own boss, and eating amazing food are just some of the perks.  But it could always get better, right?  You see, I’ve always had this little secret (more secrets, I know!).  In my head I’ve always had an idea of  my ideal Basque life.  And a few weekends ago on a getaway with friends I discovered up high in the mountains what would be my Basque Dream Life.

2012-12-28 14.11.16

First up, I would need a caserio (a Basque farmhouse).  This one here would do just fine.  Historically caserios have been handed down from one generation to the next so I would have had to marry someone with a caserio already in their family but, remember, this is my dream life and I can dream whatever I want!  These caserios are located in the mountains and in tiny villages all across the Basque Country.  Nowadays that people have relocated to bigger cities and towns, a lot of caserios are used as weekend and summer houses but I would live in mine year round.  I love the coziness of the caserio.  It feels like taking a step back in time.  The day slows down and clocks become obsolete.  You wake up when you aren’t sleepy, have lunch when you are hungry and carry on with your day cuando te da la gana.  And the best thing about these caserios is that most have been remodeled with all the newest features and amenities of a brand new house.

My friend Jone's caserio in Eibar
My friend Jone’s caserio in Eibar
2012-12-28 14.05.25
A fixer-upper caserio

Every caserio needs a few farm animals and my Basque Dream Life would have no shortage of them to keep me busy.  I’ve always imagined having horses to take for a ride in the afternoon, chickens for fresh eggs and roasted chicken (one of my favorite meals) as a special treat, goats to munch the grass and give me delicious milk to make the most amazing cheese and maybe a cow or two.

This little cabra would do just fine.
This little cabra would do just fine.

Along with these farm animals, I would love to have my own garden to grow the freshest vegetables.  Carrots, potatoes, zucchinis, leeks, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, pumpkin, whatever the ground allows.  I know it would be a lot of work but I love having fresh vegetables and how great would it be to have them just outside your back door?

Green veggies even in December!
Green veggies even in December!

My Basque Dream Life would, at some point, include a few little half-Basque/half-American babies talking in a crazy mix of English/Spanish/Basque to keep the hubby and me busy during our days in the caserio.  We would go for walks in the mountains, pick wild flowers and play in the numerous little rivers and creeks.

The kid's playground
The kid’s playground

2012-12-28 14.07.39

2012-12-28 14.07.47So in my idyllic Basque Life there would be lots of sunshine, a beautiful caserio high in the mountains with farm animals and fresh veggies and one day a few BascoAmerican kiddos running around.

What’s your dream life?  Where could you see yourself  living out your ideal life?


5 thoughts on “My Basque Dream Life

  1. Season you make me happy to know of your dream. A bit idyllic allright but you missed the small cabin out back for the grandpa of those youngi’ns. Not sure the grandma would be as exited about the facilities but the she would be about the grand kids. Dad


    1. I like the idea of having a beach close! But here in Pais Vasco, the beach is almost always close! I grew up in a tiny town so I’m a small town girl at heart but certainly wouldn’t mind having a big city close by in my “dream life.” Thanks, as always, for the comment!

  2. Hello, Great Post!
    We are six students at Coventry University, studying Communication, Cultuire and Media and are conducting a project on the culture of Bilbao and Althletic Bilbao as a football club. We are interested in how the club is connected to political matters and how it plays a part in Basque society. As we are visiting Bilbao at the end of February I just wondered if you could put us in contact with anyone who knew a lot about the club or have any useful information that may be useful.
    The Cultures of Football Project

    1. Thanks for the comment and reading! Unfortunately, I don’t know how much I’d be able to help you. I’ve lived here in Euskadi for quite some time but don’t live in Bizkaia. I know a bit about the football team there but after reading your blog it seems like you more MUCH more than I do. I know a bit more about the Real Sociedad football team only because I am closer to them (I live just outside of San Sebastian) but I admit that my knowledge of football is slim. There is a girl I know of only through the blogosphere and she may be able to give you some more info or point you in the right direction. I believe she lived in Bilbao for 2 years and might have some useful contacts. You can contact her through her blog: or her contact email: Good luck!

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