A lot of the blogs I read have been doing these Currently posts.  Normally I’m a leader and not a follower but, what the hell, sometimes it’s fun to be a follower too.

So here’s what I’ve been up to…Currently. I’m:

Watching: Oh man…this one’s hard.  According to the hubby, I watch “a million” shows at the same time.  He’s half right.  I do watch a lot of (illegally downloaded) American TV. But in my defense Spanish television is so horrible that I just can’t bring myself to watch it.  Some of my current favs are Chelsea Lately (where else would I get my news from?), Modern Family (the best sitcom since Friends), The Amazing Race (my weekly dose of travel envy), and The Real Housewives of ______________ (those bitches be crazy).  Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations is probably my all-time favorite and as it’s in its last season and last episodes are currently airing now, I’m going to have to find another former drug addict/New York Times Best Selling author/world renowned chef to travel around the world and torture me with a new place I have to visit right.this.moment. every week.

Reading:  To be honest I haven’t been reading a lot lately but as of tonight I am starting The Kite Runner…again.  I read it a few years ago and loved it.  I actually finished it in 3 days.  I couldn’t put it down.  So a student of mine, who is studying for an advanced level English exam, wanted to read a book and I recommended we read The Kite Runner together.  She had heard of the book and thought it was a good idea so I’ll be reading it again, although much slower this time.  Just a chapter or two a week.  I also have Fifty Shades of Grey that a friend of mine left for me a few months ago when she was here visiting from the States on the bookshelf.  I’m quite curious about this book and even though some of the hype has died down I think I’ll give it a try this winter when the Basque Country weather reminds me of the title.

Thinking About:  Euskera.  Euskara.  Basque.  Vasco.  Whatever you want to call it,  it’s definitely on my mind.  I even had a dream about it the other night.  We were in class correcting the homework and I got confused by something and I erased all my answers because I thought they were wrong.  Turned out they were all right and when Txoltxan called on me to give my answer I didn’t have any of them because I had erased them all.  The horror!  Now that I’m learning some words and becoming familiar with the language I can’t be a passive Basque learner.  Before, I could look at words and try to make out the meaning or simply walk on by not even paying attention to the Basque translation.  Now I focus less on Spanish and see if I can figure it out first in Basque.  I’m always thinking “How do I say that in Basque?”  “Do I know that word?”  Let me tell you, it’s exhausting.

-Loving:  Even though I complain about the hotza (cold) see! there I go again!) I secretly love this time of year here in Spain.  Most of the tourists have left and starting in November and December there are so many holidays and festivals that last until January.  And I feel like this is the time of year that people from here actually get to enjoy all the things that make this place so great.  The hubby and I love celebrating the holidays (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Three Kings Day) with his family, Santo Tomas Festival, sider houses (only open in the winter), basketball games, and our annual after Christmas getaway.  I used to hate Christmas and winter but now I love it and look forward to it every year.

Listening to:  I don’t think there is any one thing in particular that I am listening to at the moment.  Anyone who knows me well knows that my musical taste is quite varied and I’m never listening to just one person or group at a time.  I add songs to my Spotify playlist at random and leave it on shuffle so I’m pleasantly surprised.  The only new group  that I really like right now is Karmin.

-Making Me Happy:  What’s making me happy right now is that my hubby is making dinner and letting me finish this blog post.  Although he’s having some issues with how to cook rice, it’s a nice break from having to do it myself.  Ahhhhhh……the small things in life.

What have you been up to currently?


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