The dreaded…

…update post.

It’s been almost a month since my last post and I have been slacking.  Well, to be honest, not really.  The truth is that I’ve been really busy.

Right after Labor Day, we had a friend from the States come stay with us for almost two weeks (kind of) unexpectedly.  She was on her way to Granada to start her Master’s program and decided to hang out with familiar faces before seeing a lot of unfamiliar faces.  We also had a friend who is now living and working in the south of England come home for a week to visit so we spent as much time as possible with him.  Here’s a pic of us at the Beer Festival:

With our friends still here I started work at a Basque elementary school for 2 weeks.  This was my 2nd year doing the program and it was definitely more of a challenge this year than last.  The school that I work at is unique in that each year for the first 2 weeks of school they do an intensive English course with the 4th grade.  It’s important for the 4th graders to get a head start on their English for the school year and after spending all summer not speaking any English they usually need a little push.  So the school takes the entire 4th grade and divides them up into 4 or 5 (this year 5) classes.  They then hire one native English teacher for each class (me!) and we are also with an English teacher from the school.  This year I had 16 10 year-old students!  Believe me…it’s exhausting!  I have a whole new level of respect for teachers who do that every day!  This school is up in the mountain and has beautiful views of the port below:

After I had finished at the elementary school, I needed a few days to recover and see my husband for more than an hour at night.  The film festival had come to San Sebastian and I had woken up early on a Sunday morning to buy tickets weeks earlier.  We ended up going to three different movies during the week and we enjoyed them all.

The three movies we went to were Argo, Savages & Peru Sabe.  I am planning to write about them more on a separate post so I won’t write about them here but I’ll say that they were all great films.

Yesterday we went to see the last film on the last day of the festival and spent the day having lunch, going to the spa, having dinner and finally seeing the film.  It was a wonderful day spent together after a hectic week working.  Here’s a shot of La Concha in Donosti:

It was getting ready to rain as you can see from the dark clouds so we spent two glorious hours in La Perla Spa.  One day I’ll write about this lovely place that the hubby and I frequent whenever we can.

Next up on the agenda…

I start Basque classes tomorrow morning bright and early!  Wish me luck!  I’ll be blogging about that also!


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