Labor Day Weekend

It’s not Labor Day Weekend here in Spain (that happens on May 1st) but it sure seems like it.  The weather cooled down this weekend and suddenly we all needed a light jacket and jeans instead of shorts and sandals.  The sun is getting tired earlier and going to bed around 8:30 pm, not the 10:30 pm of just a few weeks ago.  Summer is without a doubt coming to a close.  Shops are beginning to open back up after their month-long vacation.  Most people here in Spain go back to work tomorrow also after having the month of August off relaxing and vacationing.  I’ve been working since we returned from the States but most schools will start again within the next 2 weeks and life will return to normal for children and parents.

This was a busy weekend for the hubby and me. We had some friends staying with us from Bilbao and I also have 2 friends visiting from the States.  Most weekends are very quiet for us as Irun is not a bustling metropolis of excitement but we ran all weekend from one place to another and I have to say that I really miss that feeling!  In Reno I was always so busy that my friends sometimes had to schedule time a week in advance to hang out with me.  I certainly can’t say the same here.

We had a BBQ here today in true Labor Day Weekend fashion and it was a nice way to close out the summer.  The sun was shining but the wind was chilly.  We went up to the mountains where everyone goes here to have a BBQ.  Since most people live in apartments here instead of houses they don’t have BBQ sets at home, so to have an actual BBQ the only (and much safer) option is to head up to the mountains.  There are BBQ pits and picnic tables set up so all you have to bring is food (our picnic neighbors were grilling rabbit!), drinks, firewood and/or coal.  A lot of people come during the weekends so it’s best to show up early if you want to get a prime picnic spot.  We spent a few hours BBQing but the cold wind finally got the best of us and we headed back down to Irun in search of a hot cafe con leche to warm us up.

What did you do this Labor Day Weekend?  If you’re in another country, did you celebrate Labor Day?  When does your country celebrate Labor Day?


5 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend

  1. Ken would be jealous of your BBQ. He is making pork carnitas and chicken tomorrow! Who were the friends from the States that came to visit??

    1. 2 girls from Boise that I met 8 years ago when I was studying in San Sebastian. They didn’t come to visit me specifically. They’re sisters and one will be in Granada for the next year doing a Master’s degree and the other has been here for a month visiting friends and family.

  2. Hi Season! Just reading your blog for the first time and it’s great! I spent the last two days with Rhett. He went back to Reno a little while ago. But we had a great time grilling, beaching, and last night catching some awesome fireworks. You can also definitely feel fall coming here in Tahoe as it’s beginning to get chilly in the eves.

    I remember fondly our summer Reno nights strolling downtown to catch a performance with drink in hand. So grateful to have those memories and your friendship. Besos. E

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