Pedicure Update

*This blog is brought to you a few days late due to a very important (according to the hubby) Madrid vs Barcelona soccer game, a full day of teaching English and a more than necessary trip to the grocery store.  Enjoy!

This Wednesday I ventured back into the world of Spanish pedicures and it wasn’t the best nor the worst.  I understand that I expect a higher quality and most of the manicurists and pedicurists here in Espana have probably never had an American manicure or pedicure.  My bar is set a little high.  I get it.  Anyways, moving on…

The girl who owns the salon was really nice and friendly. She explained the process and asked all the right questions.  I got the Deluxe pedicure with Shellac polish.  She started the pedicure and everything was fine but it seemed strange to me that she never put my feet in water to soak.  In fact,  she never used a drop of water the entire pedicure.  Does this seem strange to anyone else?

In the middle of the pedicure the phone rang (no problem) and she had a customer walk in (also no problem).  She excused herself and left me alone in the back room with relaxing music (maybe Rufus Wainwright?) and I was fine.  That is until she finally came back 20 minutes later and I was so relaxed that I was almost asleep.  I tried making a little joke about taking a siesta but either she didn’t understand or didn’t think it was funny.

After that she said she was going to quickly finish up and she wasn’t kidding!  During the next 5 minutes, she had given me a lecture about how I need to take better care of my feet, exfoliated with a salt scrub, taken off said salt scrub with a cold, barely wet wash cloth, and slathered on some lotion to my feet.  No massage.  Literally just slathered it on and “Venga! Vale! You’re good to go!”  I didn’t even want to roll my pants down to my ankles so I wouldn’t get lotion all over them.

Granted, my feet are in much better shape than they were before Wednesday at 12:00 pm and for the moment I don’t have an infection and she didn’t make me bleed.  Both pluses in my book.  I paid a discounted price of 24 euros (full price is 40 euros) and I’ve had much worse experiences and paid more.

Herboestetik Aloe

What do you think? Worth the 24 euros? Willing to come get a pedicure in Spain with me?


7 thoughts on “Pedicure Update

  1. I just had a pedicure today also, but I think I had a better experience. Massage chair, exfoliation of the legs and feet, foot massage, long hot soak in a swirling foot bath for about $30. Your colour is cooler though! Mine are a very silvery seashell pink! Loved the photo darling!

  2. After reading both posts, I will not be joining you for pedis in Spain…… If I ever get there in the first place. I could give you a better pedi myself with no training and provide you all the free drinks you want!

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