Pedicures in Spain

I have had some not so lovely experiences with pedicures here in the land of siestas and fiestas.  My first ever pedicure here left me with a red, swollen infected big toe a week after spending far too much money on a mediocre paint job.  I ended up visiting a very sweet podiatrist who spoke no English except for “goodbye” after she healed my throbbing and pussing dedo gordo.  I had to wear flip flops for the next 2 weeks because my bandaged toe was not fitting in any other footwear options.

The next time I decided to brave the beauty salon world in Spain for something other than my routine cut ‘n color was a few days before my wedding.  I knew I needed a mani/pedi and I made an appointment at a salon that came recommended by a friend.  I was a little nervous but told myself that this was for my wedding and that if something felt off I had to speak up (something I struggle with sometimes in a foreign language).  The girl who took care of me that day was so nice and easy to talk and I finally told her my horror story of what had happened at my last pedicure. She assured me nothing like that would happen and nothing did!  She was great and I left with a smile on my face all fancied ready for my nuptials.

Fast forward 6 months (or maybe 7 or 8) when the rain was finally becoming a drizzle instead of a downpour and I wanted to spruce up my toes and get them ready for spring sandals.  I made another appointment at the same place I had so much success with before and even asked for the same girl.  The day I arrived they told me the girl I had requested wasn’t available but not to worry because the owner of the salon was going to take care of me that day.  No problem!  The owner must know what she’s doing!  She’s the owner for a reason, right?  Man, was I wrong.  I think I must have interrupted the owner and her best girlfriend’s coffee/cigarette break time because they were in a hurry to get me in and out as quickly as humanly possible.

They put me in the water to soak my feet and put way too much soap and there were bubbles everywhere.  Literally a huge puddle of water and bubbles on the floor while I am trying to get their attention but they have the music so loud they can’t hear my perdon! perdonnn!  PERDONNN!!!!   They finally come back to check on me and see they have a disaster the size of Lake Tahoe.  They clean up the mess and start the pedicure but are chatty little Cathys and the owner’s best friend, who all of a sudden is a pedicurist, is cutting my toe nails and not paying attention cuts my toe with the nail clipper!  I scream and jump and then look down at my toe that is now bleeding.  And what does this broad grab to stop the bleeding?  The acetone soaked cotton ball that she used to take off my previous nail polish!!!  Fucking. Bitch. (Sorry mom and dad).

Looking back, I should have grabbed my purse and walked out, bleeding toe and all.  But I sat there and let them continue.  Jesus…I’m way too nice sometimes.  She finally got the bleeding to stop and continued on until she almost cut me again.  I screamed and she said “I didn’t get you!” “You almost did,” I responded. And then she did it again.  WTF!?!?  I looked at her at that moment and said “Can you just finish the pedicure?”  It was obvious (or at least I hope it was) that I was not having any more of her and her horrible pedicure techniques.  She finished, I went to pay and she gave me a 10% discount which amounted to a whole 2 euros off!

So even with these nightmare stories I am giving it one more shot this Wednesday at a new place I found.  I bought a discount (sort of like Groupon) and my fingers are crossed.  American pedicures are one of the things I will forever miss about the States.  So quick.  So cheap.  No small talk with pedicurist necessary .  Alcohol is (sometimes) provided.  Accessible.  Great way to spend an afternoon with your girlfriends.  Or your 6 year old nephew!


Do you have any nightmare pedicure stories? Have you ever tried getting a pedicure in a foreign country?  Something funny happen last time you were getting a pedicure? Let me all about it in the comments section!


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